Spring 2018 is Just Around the Corner! Is Your Backyard Ready?

Spring will be here before you know it! And though there may be snow on the ground now, you can get your backyard spring and summer ready before the first tulip blooms! Now is actually the perfect time to trim some plants, oil your deck, or give your outdoor furniture a makeover. Read on for some tips on how to get your backyard ready for the warmer weather!

1. Time to Tidy Your Garden
A sloppy garden bed can be easily tamed while winter is still in full force. Trimming your trees and shrubs now will keep them compact and tidy. Be sure to use hedge trimmers and water them even if it’s cold.

2. A Little Fence Goes a Long Way
Getting out into your yard and erecting a small, artistic fence can really give your yard a nice vibe. Be creative and use some lovely finishes and materials. You can even draw inspiration from other aspects of your yard such as plant pots. Work on creating a nice energy flow throughout the yard with matching pots, fences, and flooring.

3. Invest in the Heat
You could potentially entertain in your backyard all year long! All you need is an effective heating unit to keep everyone warm during the winter months. If you have something grand in mind, outdoor fireplaces do the job nicely as well as adding a focal point to your yard. You could also go as simple as a centralized fire pit that creates a nice conversation center. An outdoor heating system will also be helpful to you while you are working in your yard during the winter to get you ready for spring. Regardless of what heating system you choose, make sure you follow all safety instructions and keep everything clean.


4. Let’s Get Cooking!
Not many people use their barbecue grill during the colder months, but it sure gets a lot of use in the spring and summer. Take this opportunity to get your grill clean and in good working order. Is your grill looking a bit worn down? It may be time to invest in a new one. Since you may be giving your Hamptons Landscape a makeover anyway, now may be a good time to invest in something a little more modern and that flows with your yard’s creative energy. Also, don’t forget about your barbecue’s functionality. Many modern outdoor cooking units come equipped with storage and kitchen tools, so be on the lookout for something that is going to suit all of your needs.

5. Planter Boxes add Sophistication to Your Hamptons Landscape Design!
Not only can some good planter boxes provide instant height and define edges of your southampton landscape design, they can also provide a more creatively energetic flow. Pick out, or build yourself some sophisticated or rustic planter boxes to organize all of your gardens. Sometimes people find it tough to keep plants healthy in a planter box. If you are one of those people, remember that drainage is key. Make sure you keep holes open at the base of each planter box but also add a layer of river gravel to line its base. Also be certain that you have the right soil for each box.

6. Sharpen Up Your Shed!
One of the other things that are vital to the sophistication of your Hamptons landscape design is a nice tidy shed. If your shed is dirty, worn out, or cluttered with cobwebs, it may be time to clean it up! Purge all those unwanted tools, and rework the space. Invest in some storage shelves, hooks, baskets and boxes to get the interior of your shed nicely organized. As for the exterior, a little power spray and a paint job can go a long way!

7. Map Out Your Patio Plan!
When it starts to get warm outside, you know you and your friends are going to want to lounge in the sun. Imagine soaking up some rays while admiring the serenity and sophistication of your Hamptons landscape design. Always keep in mind the energy and creative theme you have already decided on, and don’t be afraid to mix things up. Some sofas, hammocks, coffee tables, and chairs will add a touch of comfort and style to your outdoor entertainment areas.

8. Get Your Flow On!
Any backyard space is perfect for a small water feature, and the winter is the perfect time to get one installed. You can keep things simple with a small bowl with some floating candles on top of the water, or get grand with a large urn that features a waterfall. The white noise emitted from a water feature will also add the perfect touch of serenity to your bridgehampton landscape design.

With the above tips, you can be sure that your backyard will be in amazing shape for spring and summer. If you would like any more advice for your Hamptons landscape design project, call us anytime!